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Recycling Bins

 Manufacturing Optimization
Packaging, Recycle and Electrification Services

Mitigate your environmental impact and grow your business

The ESG group provides solutions to reduce your environmental impact  and improve your operations.


We can look at your packaging material to assess the least risk and lowest environmental impact as customers and retailers are much more aware of environmental degradation.   The focus is on the elimination of materials that are problematic or unnecessary.  We look at the entire packaging spectrum from primary, secondary and tertiary packages.  Specific solutions can range from increasing recycling content, thin gauging or material reformulations.  This all needs to be done without impacting shelf life, product quality, and recyclability.   The true life cycle assessment may include difficulties due to cleaning and drying or transportation concerns.  We ensure any packaging decision include all available science based data and respective carbon footprint.


Manufacturing and line optimization provides an opportunity to integrate data, real time information with analytical tools to assure that the best decisions are made.  Efficient manufacturing  relies on operational visibility to ensure processes are correctly executed while automatically measuring relevant waste and efficiency metrics.  Adding robust process automation with equipment benchmark performance metrics limits downtime and waste. 

We look at ways to reduce, recycle and reuse materials for solid waste reduction to achieve zero landfill.  Our audit process highlights reuse technology.  Can this process be used multiple times, reprocessed, or entirely reduced?  Do you use single use containers?  Are your suppliers sending you disposable, overly packaged and hard to recycle packaging materials? 


Electrification refers to the process of eliminating the need for fossil fuels.  We audit the manufacturing operation to see how fossil fuels are utilized and suggest alternate technologies to eliminate them for lower operating costs. 


Energy efficiency can be achieved without high spending using simple solutions or control enhancements.  Examples include shutting off conveyors or process equipment when not needed. We also look to ensure energy efficiency improvements which add reliability and robustness to the manufacturing operation.  Additionally, we recommend available energy programs and rebates to offset costs. 

Sustainability Goals by United Nations
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