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ESG Strategy

ESG Strategic Planning

We link ESG strategy to your product

We develop or enhance your overall ESG strategy focusing on ESG benefits which can reduce product costs and promote sales of yours products.  We ensure you have a roadmap with sustainability in mind and eliminate things in your process that aren't sustainable or fail to resonate with your customers.  Products with sustainability claims will grow faster than those without them. 

We build your ESG and manufacturing roadmap plans to address all aspects of net zero, social and governance strategies. By analyzing, developing strategies and identifying opportunities to integrate net zero programs into your business plans, we build a partnership with your team to ensure sustainability goals and metrics are in your core business functions.  


We conduct a materiality assessment to match your resources and budget. This includes selecting those ESG goals that are most relevant to your business.  We develop a compliance program using standard TCFD and SASB business frameworks and look to work with other internal stakeholders such as finance, quality, EHS and engineering. 

Additionally, we develop a change management and communication program to create a shared vision and ensure ownership by sharing progress, analyzing gaps and providing risk and mitigation strategies.  We can help address demands in supplier contracts on reporting of ESG or sustainability progress as well as requests from investors and financial institutions. 

Our experts bring practical, low capital and economic solutions for a positive impact to your bottom line.  At the tactical level, we identify areas for energy savings, waste and water reduction as a way to lower operating costs while improving environmental performance.  We look at recycling, reuse technologies, packaging materials and electrification as methods to lower emissions while increasing efficiency and providing you with savings opportunities. 

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