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The ESG Group

A Sustainability Consultant and Energy Services Firm

 ESG advisory, green marketing and sustainable technology for manufacturing

Learn how Sustainability, Green Marketing and Intelligent Energy Services can help you drive sales and reduce costs.

  • Our focus is on small and medium sized food/beverage/CPG manufacturing and supply chain industries. 

  • Sustainability roadmaps we produce satisfy major retailer or supplier requirements including compliance with California Climate laws SB 253 and SB 261.  

  • Our customized energy and sustainable marketing solutions generate profits, saves time, and reduces environmental risk. 

Ready to get started? If so, ask yourself these questions?  

  • Are you looking to develop an ESG Strategy that generates savings and doesn't divert your business from its primary mission?

  • Are you aware of the requirements of the new California Climate laws and SEC rules on climate disclosures? 

  • Has your team underdelivered when it comes to sustainability commitments?  

  • Are you just starting or struggling to implement your sustainability solutions?​

  • Are you getting requests or questions from large retail or supply organizations about your sustainability program?

We can provide various levels ​of ESG reporting and sustainability ​programs based on your business goals and budget.
The ESG Group can deliver your solutions.



We have developed sustainability guidelines and roadmaps for various associations and their members.  In 2023, we collaborated with PMMI's OpX Leadership Network to produce a "Journey to a Successful ESG Program" for their membership.  PMMI is the leading global resource that connects manufacturers to the latest solutions, trends and innovations in packaging and processing.​

Our team goes beyond carbon accounting. We're a California Go Green project developer and can manage energy projects and provide financing solutions with exceptional terms including special zero financing. ​


Our Industry Partners

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Increased compliance costs and loss of market access

Mounting SEC Regulatory and State Climate Laws 

Loss of preferred supplier status and sales with reduced market share 

Supplier Purchasing Mandates 

Improves customer and employee perceptions. Drives new product innovations.

Green Marketing Opportunities

Profit margin erosion due to utility increases, liability risks and increased disposal costs

Increasing Energy and Operating Costs

Why do you need a sustainability plan?

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