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A Sustainability and ESG Solutions Group for the CPG, Food and Manufacturing Industries 

Welcome to The ESG Group.  We’re here to help manufacturers develop ESG strategies and sustainability programs that create marketing opportunities, increase profits and provide customer value.   We go beyond carbon accounting by implementing cost saving solutions and manufacturing roadmaps that align both to your company's stated mission and products. 

Our goal is to ensure your sustainability program is a profit center not an expense. 

Small and medium sized manufacturers will have the the right tools and support to be successful in their sustainability journey.  Our team works with you to determine the level of ESG or sustainability reporting your business actually needs.  Sustainability goals and metrics are aligned to your products and business outcomes.  We then build SMART sustainability compliance programs based on standard frameworks such as TCFD, SASB and GHG for reporting carbon emissions.  Solutions are both non-capex and capex, including communications and change management programs.  We address roadblocks such as the lack of coherent focus, data challenges or budgetary considerations.  The result is a successful sustainability roadmap with proven solutions that reduce carbon emissions and improve your business operations. 

Our industry experts will look at your entire manufacturing  process including line operations, logistics, packaging systems, electrification opportunities, ingredients, waste and reuse programs to assess your current carbon footprint.  We will then deploy green, clean tech solutions, and communications programs as appropriate. 

Once a foundation is laid to grow your program, we time actions based on your sustainability  goals and budget.   Our value as a trusted partner is in identify your unique pain points and opportunities while providing the needed expertise and bandwidth to drive successful outcomes.  

Our Services

ESG Strategic Planning

At  the ESG Group, we combine our insights and manufacturing operations knowledge to transform your processes and packaging systems into sustainable and cost effective solutions. We look at your primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging for rightsizing and light weighting.  We look for opportunities  to reduce, reuse and recycle. 


We  work with you to select  global environmental standards to build your ESG strategy.  We provide Key Performance Indicators and tools to track progress on  your carbon reduction programs while monitoring your social and governance progress.  Our systematic approach and expertise ensures success.

Change Management and Communication

We also recognize the need for alignment and leadership to maintain and build your ESG program. We have a  proven change management system to ensure organizational  alignment, feedback, and progress. 


This is accomplished  by developing an effective messaging and  communication program for both internal and external stakeholders. Reporting is tailored to your stakeholders to maintain credibility  while building momentum  showcasing your ESG program. 


Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes.  Let us guide you.

Carbon Accounting and ESG Reporting

Science-based, measurable net-zero targets can reduce operational emissions between 15 to 20%.  The GHG protocol is the de-facto global carbon accounting standard.  Supply chain emissions can be 5 to 6 times greater than direct emissions.  

Our process for preparing a GHG inventory establishes  the operational boundary to determine where the three scope types of GHG emissions reside within your organization.  

Our goal is to drive decarbonization, ensure compliance with accounting standards, and  define your  carbon neutral goals.   Reducing your team's effort allows you to focus on your business objectives to remain competitive. 

Our partner, CNaught can help you use carbon credits to mitigate all or a portion of your carbon footprint.

Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

 We know the right energy-efficient technologies to use for manufacturers to get fast results, while minimizing capex. 

Manufacturing Optimization , LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, automation  and  building envelope improvements will have a major immediate impact on carbon usage , have easily accessible  energy rebates available and should be the first step in your energy transition.

Evaluating your packaging technology, recycling and reuse programs  is the next step.   We look at your primary, secondary and tertiary packaging formats and  materials to ensure best industry practices.  We right size to optimize packaging costs while providing a sustainability benefit, as smaller, lighter packages can enable more product per shipment and reduce shipping costs.

Our extensive manufacturing and process knowledge can provide easy wins.  We look at line operations and provide recommendations for energy improvements including enhanced  data acquisition methods to reduce and track waste.  The goal is to achieve zero landfill targets.

Let us help you trim your cost of goods while driving down waste and energy costs. 

Free Introductory Consultation 

  • Are you looking to develop an ESG Strategy that generates savings and doesn't divert your business from its primary mission?

  • Are you confused over the variety of sustainability frameworks? 

  • Has your team underdelivered when it comes to ESG commitments?  

  • Are you just starting or struggling to implement your sustainability solutions?

  • Are you getting requests from large retail organizations about your sustainability program?

If so, we can provide various levels of ESG reporting and sustainability programs based on your business size, goals and needs. 

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A free consultation is available to find how our services can benefit your company.

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