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gogreen and energy efficiency financing
  • California Go Green Project Developer

  • Zero Financing from Go Green or Utility Provider

  • High Integrity Carbon Credits with CNaught

  • Identification of Rebates and Incentives

  • Project Justification Assistance

As a project developer for the GoGreen Program we have access to either no cost down utility programs or zero to very low financing from various financial institutions'. This allow energy projects to paid through savings of utilities.  Our program also allows for up to 30% of any loan amount to be used for any other non energy upgrades.  

We also maintain a data base of prescriptive energy rebates for many upgrades such as LED lighting, clean energy or building automation that both reduces energy and demand charges.   We also have access to various federal and state  programs including those incentives and tax advantages from the Inflation Reduction Act.

We can also enhance and integrate data automation to your existing carbon tracking programs for improved results. 

Our process is:

  • We track your progress toward net zero. vs percentage improvement from some arbitrary year avoiding any greenwashing claims. 

  • Conduct energy, material and waste audits to identify savings and reduce your environmental footprint.  

  • Help you set targets, evaluate your sustainability progress, and develop a communication plan to fine tune your program.  

Established sustainability corporate standards are used for reporting including SASB Standards with carbon reporting based on GHG protocols and EPA site tools.  We conduct any audits using ISO 5001 Energy management or ISO 14001 Environmental management systems. 

This adherence to standard corporate sustainability reporting ensures environmental or ESG information required by supplier contracts, financial institutions and regulatory agencies is easy accomplished. We can also offer digital recording to reduce labor and provide more timely environmental data.   

Finally, our partner CNaught can help you use carbon credits to mitigate all or a portion of your carbon footprint. Combining science and software, CNaught enables customers to effortlessly purchase an affordable, science-backed portfolio of carbon credits that maximizes impact and mitigates risk.

Financing, Rebates &
Carbon Offsets

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