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California Go Green Financing

The ESG Group is proud to offer GoGreen Business Energy Financing to our customers for their energy efficiency projects. You can finance up to $5 million through GoGreen Business with the option to repay the financing right on your utility bill . GoGreen Business is a State of California-backed program that offers attractive and promotional zero rates options with extended terms available for business energy upgrades. The ESG Group is an enrolled GoGreen Business project developer.

ESG Resource guide developed for packaging industy.

The ESG Group is proud to announce its recent collaboration with The OpX Leadership Network to produce a “Journey to a Successful ESG Program” resource guide. PMMI is the leading global resource for the packaging and processing supply chain. This work product reflects the transition the business world is making from a focus on sustainability to the broader observation of ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices. It is designed to help small and mid-size consumer packaged goods companies and OEMs address the growing demand from investors and customers for ESG commitments and reports.Download the Journey to a Successful ESG Program work product.    

PMMI and OPX leadership Network
Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

Our president, Roy Greengrass, was a featured presenter at ILMA Engage 2024,  His presentation addressed "Simple, Actionable Steps To Increase Your Business’ Sustainability and Profitability".  He discussed how sustainability programs create numerous value opportunities. This includes additional sales by effectively promoting to customers and suppliers your sustainability progress or carbon reduction programs.  The presentation also explored strategies to reduce operational costs and the many opportunities for zero financing of sustainability projects.  

Roy also spent time with the ILMA sustainability committee addressing the current regulatory environment and discussing the positive impact lubrication technology has had on sustainability.  

FSO Institute Solving Manufacturing Challeges

FSO announces sustainability and environmental coach.  The FSO Institute has selected Roy Greengrass, President of The ESG Group, as their sustainability and environmental coach. The FSO Institute provides proven industry executives and expert advisors to businesses.  Their coaches skillfully combine assessment tools, designed and built specifically for the CPG and the food industry with robust networking opportunities to drive operational excellence.

C/Naught Carbon Credit PartnershipThe ESG Group is pleased to announce a new partnership with CNaught to make it easy for our small to medium sized manufacturing and CPG industry customers to use high-quality carbon credits to offset emissions. CNaught combines software and science to create the easiest way to purchase a science-backed, diversified portfolio of carbon credits designed to mitigate risk, maximize impact, and accelerate growth. Through CNaught, businesses can now access a sophisticated, science-backed carbon credit strategy previously available to only the largest buyers. It's real climate impact, made easy.​"Companies in the manufacturing and consumer packaged goods space are looking for easy-to-use, high-impact solutions that meet their decarbonization needs. The ESG Group has a deep understanding of this industry and is a great partner to bring CNaught's simple and robust carbon offsetting solution to manufacturers looking to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Steve Siger, Cofounder & COO, CNaught.Industry Leadership

Cnaught Carbon Credits and Strategy
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