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Energy Solutions Why Us


  • Our programs are tailored to your budgets and timelines. This allows you to focus on your core business, saving you time, costly resources and seamlessly integrating sustainability into your existing operations and systems. 

  • Benefits of our program are gaining market share, enhanced operational efficiency, and meeting of customer and supplier expectations.

  • We are client-centric, transparent in our approach, with deep expertise in manufacturing and supply chains. 

  • We use a broad range of clean technologies. intelligent energy solutions and leverage an extensive partnership network to drive results.

We do what's in the Clients best Interest and are Transparent to our process

Food Manufacturing

Our engineers, packaging specialists, and ESG experts have real manufacturing and operational experience. We have the talent to develop engineering solutions which are cost effective based on your budget and timeline.  Our individualized approach toward clients enables us to develop a customized, incremental, and practical roadmap.  

Our experts guide you through developing robust ESG roadmaps, identifying cost-saving opportunities including marketing integration of your program to drive sales.

We work with you to build a strong sustainable marketing plan to improving brand image and boosting your company's reputation.  This accelerates access to new product markets and increase your competitive advantage. ​

Our communication program includes change management and employee engagement to accelerate results. This improves visibility and ensures alignment to your stakeholders. 

We also offer project management services and low cost financing through state and utility programs.  

We help suppliers and manufacturers set or commit to a science-based emissions-reduction target, develop a SBT-aligned decarbonization plan and report their Scope 1 & 2 emissions.  We can also assist in reporting on annual progress to key stakeholders.  For agricultural supply, we support regenerative agriculture efforts. 

Costly and complex proprietary carbon accounting software is avoided and we are transparent on our processes and methodologies.  We use established sustainability corporate standards for reporting including SASB Standards with carbon reporting based on GHG protocols and EPA site tools.  We conduct any audits using ISO 5001 Energy management or ISO 14001 Environmental management systems. 

Our focus is on what is in the client's best interest. We are agnostic to various suppliers and influencers. We do maintain a robust partnership network to supplement our services. 

Industrial Energy Management
Industrial Energy Management Experts
Net Zero Manufacturing
California GoGreen Financing

GoGreen Business is a State of California–administered program that puts energy retrofits within reach by helping small-to-medium sized businesses access attractive financing options that suit their needs.

Why GoGreen Business?

• Below-market interest rates and affordable monthly payments

• No property lien

• Financing for up to 100% of project costs

• Quick approvals

• Broad list of qualifying measures with the option for fully custom projects

• Up to 30% of financed amount may be used for nonenergy projects, such as landscaping or remodeling.

We know the right energy-efficient technologies to use for manufacturers to get fast results, while minimizing capex. 

Prescriptive solutions such as manufacturing optimization, LED lighting, HVAC upgrades, automation and building improvements will have a major immediate impact on carbon usage. These measures often will have energy rebates available and should be the first step in your energy transition.

Beyond that, The ESG Group offers project management services and low cost options financing through various state and utility programs.  ​

Financing, Rebates and Inflation Reduction Act

Looking for financing options for your projects?

We're an approved program manager for California's GoGreen Business Energy Financing

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